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The Osoyoos Oyster festival started a few years ago and was created to showcase the delectable Fresh Osysters from the Westcoast paired along side the Divine Wines that are produced and enjoyed through out the Okanagan Valley. This year’s Oyster Festival Ran from April 22nd to April 25th with 7 different events spread between the days.

Viveka &  were asked to volunteer at the Oyster Festival as British Columbia Ambassador Candidates.  So we along with two of the 2015 Miss Osoyoos Candidates  helped out at the Art of the Oyster Pearl Gala which was held at the conference centre at the Watermark Beach Resort  on Saturday April 25th. Our duties were to refill the Water jugs as needed and to hand out the Gourmet Okanagan Wine Truffles.

During the evening we met several interesting people who asked us lot’s of questions about the British Columbia Ambassador Program as well as the Osoyoos Royalty Program.

One of the people we met happened to be Cassandra Anderton  who is the editor of a Blog called The Good Life Vancouver . She was an incredibly pleasant person to talk to and get to know better. Cassandra had a lot of questions for all of us about the Osoyoos Royalty Program as well as the British Columbia Ambassador Program. A lot of her questions had to do with the fact that she was a bit familiar with the Lady of the Lake royalty program in Kelowna as she had grown up in the Okanagan. So most of her questions were to do with the similarities and differences between the different programs and we were more than happy to talk to about everything.

It was truly delightful meeting someone who shared several similar interests to my own. Check out her blog here as well as The Good Life Vancouver Facebook page 

 Another interesting group of people we met were these two lovely ladies who had decided to dress in Costume and attend as ladies of the Sea similar to the woman on the poster. This was a fairly interesting choice because these two were from Kelowna which has the Lady of the Lake Royalty program. So it was entirely fitting for them to have dressed in Sea theme.

All in all it was a pretty fun event to have volunteered at. I would like to thank the Oyster Festival as well as Destination Osoyoos for inviting all of us to Volunteer at the festival!

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